With the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair on 16.10.19, SpringerVerlag is publishing the new textbook by author Marco Scherbaum.

This specialty book is for employers and entrepreneurs with personnel responsibility and presents innovative solutions for first-class company health concepts. The author gives a clear insight into the systems of German health care. He begins by descriptively explaining the origins and history of the statutory health insurance system, and then goes on to address the causes of current and future gaps in provision. The consequences of a gap in coverage are fatal for those affected on both the employee and employer side. This breaddown in coverage results in reduced productivity and damages competitiveness. The author further clarifies how the influence of employee health care coverage impacts company personnel policies and challenges even the most profitable organisations in today´s highly competitive environment. 

This book convinces the reader by its strong presentation of how a modern sustainable supplementary insurance can benefit the overall company workforce. It is truly a revolution of the traditional company health care system. The credo: Health for all! A lead in knowledge makes companies fit for the future.

The reference book is available immediately in the trade and in your library.

Available as eBook and softcover.

Silvana und Marco Scherbaum, HEALTH FOR ALL®
Silvana und Marco Scherbaum, HEALTH FOR ALL®

4th place achieved


Publication in October 2019.

In November 2019, the book was already number 4 on the Amazon bestseller list in the category of health policy.

Amazon Bestseller Platz 4 Gesundheitspolitik

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