Marco Scherbaum is the founder and managing director of HEALTH FOR ALL® GmbH & Co. KG.

As an independent specialist, his brokerage house offers company-specific collective solutions for the implementation of sustainable workplace health promotion and represents the interests of both employers and employees.

The primary goal is that personnel managers include health concepts as a future-oriented personnel instrument as a fixed component of their corporate culture in the remuneration mix!
What is unique is that through HEALTH FOR ALL® the employer can offer his or her employees medical care and treatment at the level of private patients without the usual health checks and costs.

The cuts in benefits by the statutory health insurance companies have massively increased the need for private coverage. But often employees and family members could not afford the additional coverage financially or they would no longer be able to receive private care due to previous illnesses. However, this is still possible within the framework of a HEALTH FOR ALL® employer-financed supplementary company health insurance. This offer promotes, motivates and ensures healthier employees. This reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Thanks to innovative ideas and a first-class product range, individual company services meet high quality standards. After a free consultation appointment, companies receive an analysis tailored to their fiscal an healthcare needs. In other words, HEALTH FOR ALL shows how an investment in the health of the employees usually pays for itself within a short time.


Why wait for increased productivity, stronger corporate identity and employee satisfaction?

Why not have both the workforce and the employer benefit from improved Health protection as a sustainable benefit?

Conact HEALTH FOR ALL® company health insurance now!

Marco Scherbaum

Founder & managing Director, HEALTH FOR ALL® GmbH & Co. KG


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